Work has officially begun on “Classic Restaurants of Jackson”

Ah, the struggles of a food writer. Ryan and I spent a grueling weekend tasting and photographing food at some of Jackson’s best restaurants. We have officially begun work on “Classic Restaurants of Jackson.”

We would like to extend an enormous thank you to David Conn, a partner in the group that owns Amerigo, Char, and several other restaurants, and Bill Prisock, president of the Cock of the Walk restaurants. The men were our hosts over the weekend. David dazzled us with plates at Amerigo and Char on Saturday, and Bill told us stories about Cock of the Walk’s legendary founder, Ken Jackson, as the sun rose over the reservoir Sunday morning.

David described Jackson as a “foodie town.” Ryan and I are trying hard to do Jackson’s food scene justice with our work. We were able to get some great photos of beautiful plates at Amerigo, Char, and Cock of the Walk. We plan to visit another 15 of Jackson’s best restaurants in the next few months, and have our manuscript to the History Press around the turn of the new year.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the photos we got:

Flame-grilled salmon fillet with black bean salsa and green beans ($13) at Amerigo
Chicken and waffle ($12) at Char
Grilled catfish “Keelboat Special” with onion rings and fried pickles ($22) at Cock of the Walk

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