Kamau Bostic stops by for a visit

Kamau Bostic, a young Mississippi photographer, shows students some of his commissioned work.

Kamau Bostic, an impressive young photographer who lives in Tupelo, guest taught my photography class this morning. Kamau is a professional photographer who specializes in portraits and product photos. Kamau wowed my students with his beautiful portfolio, took questions, and even set up his photography equipment and showed students how he shoots and edits portraits.

Kamau graduated with a BFA in photography from Mississippi State in 2018, and was heavily involved in the Starkville arts scene. Several of my students knew of him and were happy to welcome him back to State.

Jarrius Carter volunteered to have his photo taken. Kamau set up his remotely-triggered strobe light and a huge umbrella, and shot Jarrius with his Nikon D810. Kamau put the photo up on our classroom’s Smartboard and walked the class through his editing process. I for one learned a lot about editing and can’t wait to implement some of Kamau’s techniques.

Kamau Bostic brought along his favorite lighting setup for portraits.

Kamau is good friends with my brother Wes, which gave me an opening to have him visit my class. He is in the early stages of his career, but is already making a name for himself as a talented young Mississippi artist. He has landed some big clients, and spends many of his weekends traveling to photo shoots. Kamau also works for the Mabus Agency in Tupelo. You will be hearing about him soon — mark my words!

The portrait of Jarrius Carter that Kamau Bostic shot and edited in front of my class.