Hidden History of New Orleans is right around the corner

The book, our third with the History Press, will be officially released on Feb. 3. You can pick up a copy at the usual places: amazon.com, Lemuria in Jackson, Pass Christian Books on the coast, and many bookstores in New Orleans.

Ryan and I will officially kick off the launch of HHNO at Lemuria in Jackson on Saturday, Feb. 8. It has been our tradition to launch our books there, and we are thrilled to be returning to one of the greatest bookstores in the country.

Just a few things you get to read about if you pick up a copy:

  • What exactly drew Pierre Lafitte back to New Orleans time and again, even though the authorities were eager to capture the pirate
  • How a New Orleans city official was gunned down by a gang in broad daylight — a gang led by a local judge and political rival
  • How the rise of a new music form, jazz, intersected with an axe murderer’s plans one terrifying night
  • How Denton W. Crocker, a born-and-bred Yankee, became a New Orleans hero during WWII
  • What life was like for gay Americans in New Orleans in the mid-20th century

The great thing about buying copies at Lemuria and the other local bookstores we’ll be visiting in the coming weeks is that you can get a signed copy for no extra cost. I’ll even draw a little sketch in your book with a sharpie if you like — no refunds if my artwork isn’t to your standards. Hope to see you at Lemuria!